1.Q: How do I pick and which investigator do I go to?
A: Check to see if the investigator is licensed in the area you need assistance. How much experience does the investigator have in the type of work you need. Last but not least what is the background of the investigator. Where did they get their training? OJT, school, law enforcement etc.

2. Q: I'm not sure what service I need?
A: Be prepared to answer questions the investigator will have. After this the investigator will be able to make recommendation concerning services and your needs.

3 Q: Will this be confidential?
A: Absolutely. Just as your Doctor, Lawyer or Clergy. In some States if information is released without your consent it could be a criminal charge.

4. Q: How much will it cost?
A: Most cases are charged by the hour plus mileage. Some services are a flat rate and you can ask the investigator what the cost will be. It will vary from area to area.

5.Q: How will I pay?
A: Most investigators require a retainer and your charges are deducted from your retainer. If the case is finished before the retainer is used the remainder is refunded.

6Q: How will I be kept informed about my case?
A: You can be informed by phone, email or written reports. That is your choice.

If there are other questions do not hesitate to call and we can discuss your needs


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